Dear New Readers, Welcome!

February 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

Dear new readers,

Welcome and thank you for visiting whether you found this blog from, tumblr, or any other site. Your presence is appreciated and I hope you enjoy your time here!

To learn a little more about me, feel free to check out my about me section or read through my posts. If the desire moves you, please comment and tell me your thoughts! If commenting isn’t your style, feel free to add me on twitter or email me at I look forward to talking to all of you and I hope you join the conversation and the journey towards progress.

Craig Cassey Jr.


§ One Response to Dear New Readers, Welcome!

  • Mark McDevitt says:

    Craig, I don’t know if you remember me, but we went to a PASC student council leadership camp together a few years ago…haha…”waffle house!”

    Anyway, I happened to come across this article about you and your blog, and also your TV interview. I just wanted to let you know (even though it’s a little late) I think what you are doing is great.

    This world has some serious problems to deal with. When we left camp I went on to become President of my Student Government, and Student Representative to the School Board. We worked really hard to confront the issue of bullying, as many schools are, particularly anti-gay bullying.

    I just think it is so great that you are able to be an advocate for so many. You’re helping to make this world a more equal and harmonious place, and I want to say thank you. You are an inspiration.

    Hope all is well man.

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