The Gay College Experience, It Is What You Make It

September 19, 2011 § 12 Comments

For the first time my heart raced at the words ushered exhaustively all throughout my childhood though they never phased me before. “Be cautious,” I was told by Georgetown’s lgbtq resource head, “the athletic community here may not be the most accepting. These words held a new meaning especially within the new context of college.

Colliding with my well preserved sense of security strengthened in High School, the warning inflicted a few cracks and dents upon my once full confidence in my safety. While college is said to be a more open and accepting environment, I would be foolish not to grow cautious especially when attending a Jesuit university not always known to be accepting as should all lgbtq teens in my opinion.

Yet having attended Georgetown for the past three weeks, I have seen countless times that the “gay stigma” which some of us may fear, is still merely an opportunity to own your future and promote some change. The gay stigma is what you make it – and it isn’t much of a stigma at all. 

This post marks the beginning of a series of brief autobiographical accounts on how the first three weeks have affected different lgbtq students. Some will be anonymous, others won’t, and you will read stories from guys who are recently out or not, some involved in athletics and others theatre, guys who are bi, gay, or even falsely accused of being gay, and so much more. We hope these stories will be both didactic and uplifting in their telling of pitfalls and successes, and will assure you that you are capable of molding your own experience in college.

If you are a current college student with a story you would like to share, a graduate who has some advice they wish to give, or a teenage with questions they want answered – please comment below, message us at, tweet me @craiggay, or add me on facebook. We want this to be as beneficial as possible to the readers of this blog and your feedback/input helps immensely!

The series so far:
Part 1: Once Battered and Bruised, Now Better Than Ever

Part 2: Gay College Experience: Evan Sterrett


§ 12 Responses to The Gay College Experience, It Is What You Make It

  • While I’m glad you seem to possess the internal fortitude to create your own destiny at Georgetown regardless of any type of homophobic culture there, I do worry about those that may not have the same resources and confidence. Do keep us all posted as to your journey through under graduate work.

    • Craig says:

      Thanks for the comment, Michael and I definitely will keep you posted on my ongoings!

      I also share your worry Michael, and hope that through reading some of these stories, others can gain the ability to tackle any indifference they may face. I know for certain my story will touch heavily upon changing your surrounding environment but as you mentioned, confidence does have a great impact on that and is an essential tool – one which I know can be learned and molded.

  • tristram says:

    Craig – just a quick note to wish you all the best in this exciting new stage of your life. You have a great attitude and I’m sure you will “own you future and promote some change.” But never get so busy doing so that you forget to live in and savor the present. Especially when you’re young, it’s easy to spend a lot of time looking ahead, but every moment of your college life is as precious as .01 seconds in a 50-yard dash. Enjoy!!!

    ps – I’m really looking forward to the stories to come.

    • Craig says:

      Thanks Tristram, that’s some very good advice! I just sticky note’d that to my dorm wall and will be sure to focus on that in the upcoming months!!

  • tristram says:

    “your future” – I’m a lousy proofreader.

  • Nora Olsen says:

    I can’t wait to read these stories!

    • Craig says:

      That’s great to hear! My friends and I are really looking forward to putting them out there. (Just checked out your site btw, you have a beautiful blog background! Best of luck with the book promoting!)

  • Sam says:

    I’m pretty excited to see these stories as well, especially the ones of men falsely accused of being gay and gay/bi guys in sports. Best of luck 🙂

  • MLC says:

    As a former student-athlete at Gtown and a current employee in the athletic dept i have never experienced anything negative and i hope you won’t either. Plenty of friendly faces around the building.

    • Craig says:

      Thanks for the comment MLC and from my experiences so far I must agree with you, there are a lot of friendly faces all around campus and a lot of support as well. Definitely a much more positive environment than the one I had read about only a few years ago.

  • How do you stop from hurting Craig. I live in a complex with nothing but older people with a few guys. I’m not into the smoking and drug scene. I’ve had enough of that this past year. I don’t drink either. Maybe that is my problem. I would never consider suicide an option. I’m going to a Support Group at my local Catholic Church. Craig my feelings towards guys started in junior high school. He was a terrific looking blond guy involved in sports but I’ll leave it at that. I live in a fairly conservative town and it’s hard to know if there are other guys going through the same thing or there just good at hiding things. I’d like to be like other guys. I’d like to throw a football around or have someone to play basketball with or even train with weights.

    Craig I know you have a partner. It must be nice. I hope your college experience. One thing is I would never stop being a friend to anyone because they were gay or whatever. I have a very good heart. I’ve been doing a lot of research on how the ancient Greeks were. Simply because when my Grandpa was alive he talked to me about me being of Prussian descent (not dark skinned yet although I tan easily). I have a image on my desktop of a man in a toga with greenery around his head and he looks like he could be God. He has a real stern look as well.

    For whatever it’s worth, you have me as a friend for life even if we don’t meet. By the way, Irene was horrible. I hope you got through the storm.

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