Craig Cassey on ABC Daybreak #SpiritDay

October 20, 2011 § 6 Comments

Thanks to the gracious Ron Courning, I was interviewed this morning on ABC Daybreak as part of my participation in GLAAD’s Spirit Day as well as their Get Amped 5k fundraiser! The interview can be seen when you click the link below, I hope you all are enjoying your Spirit Day and are wearing your purple with pride!!!

and if that link doesn’t work, just go here:


§ 6 Responses to Craig Cassey on ABC Daybreak #SpiritDay

  • JC says:

    Nice job! Hope you’re having fun in Big D. Looking forward to hearing more about your visit.


    • Craig says:

      Thanks JC, I had a great time in Dallas! And now that I’m back in Gtown, after I finish a paper and a midterm, I’ll get a chance to begin responding to some emails! Can’t wait to hear how your xc team is finishing up their season!

  • Tom says:

    Great interview. You make us all proud.

  • tristram says:

    Craig – congrats (on a very poised, articulate presentation) and THANKS for your dedication to making things better in sports and in the world. I wish your interview could be streamed to the cell phone of every NBA, NFL, MLS, NHL and NCAA athlete to show them – especially the closeted lgbts we know are in all those leagues – what real courage looks like. I watched the vid first thing this morning and wore my purple with extra pride because of you.

  • Craig says:

    Tristram, thanks for the very nice sentiments!!

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