It Gets Better – Where to Go From Here

February 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

Tonight airs Logo/MTV’s “It Gets Better” Special at 11:00pm, furthering the movement’s progress from an initial youtube video into a produced tv special – and not without reason. Thousands of videos have garnered millions of views and that alone proves the interest in hearing messages teeming with hope. Due to this fact, It Gets Better warrants the positive response that tonight is sure to bring – no other movement has highlighted the potential happiness that gay teens have quite like IGB. But with the end of tonight’s special, I encourage us to take the next step in the process and remind ourselves what the It Gets Better campaign really was: a large step in the right direction that needs to be followed by many others.

One large step has given countless people hope but still lingers the thought of suicide for some. This year alone, more teens have taken their life, some after giving their own IGB to peers on youtube. What this shows is the work left to be done, that having hope is helpful but is not enough for everyone. As I bring this thought up, I want to hear your opinions on what these next steps are. What can we do to help those in need currently, beyond saying it can get better?I’ll be watching the twitter feeds tonight and live-tweeting throughout the special – so you can expect some quotes to be brought in from there for a follow up piece. But please share your opinion, and lets take that next step together!


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§ 2 Responses to It Gets Better – Where to Go From Here

  • Mike Sarzo says:

    I think the next step beyond simply saying “it gets better” is to start demonstrating how it gets better. In my video, which I did on Sept. 27, 2010 (coincidentally, the first day I started work at Capital One, which is a company that is a strong supporter of the LGBT community), I highlighted things in my life that I saw that changed from my younger days until now. One of my friends, whom I mentioned by name in my IGB, commented specifically on that fact, saying it would help some struggling youth hang on.

    Besides simply showing how “it gets better”, another useful step we can take is by actively MAKING it better. See a kid get bullied? Step in and put a stop to it. Someone tells you “drop it”? Don’t. Make it clear that you WON’T be a safe haven for hatred, even if it means casting a so-called friendship aside.

  • JC Sanborn says:

    Craig, any chance you could post a link to the video so we don’t have to do a search? Google turned up promo spots rather than the full special – I eventually found it on MTV.

    I like what Mike said about showing how it gets better. We hear ‘it gets better’ but not what happened that allowed the speaker to get to that better place, or what the speaker has done to help somebody else find that better place.

    We need to do a better job of promoting the good things that happen. We only seem to hear about the bad things such as the teen suicides. How is a teen supposed to believe it gets better if they only hear about the suicides? Let’s hear more about the success stories!

    As somebody in Greg’s GSA group said, we’ve come a long way. Not long ago we wouldn’t have dreamt of a black president. What we dream of today will be reality within our lifetime. As the mom said to her daughter, she’ll get there. But it will take time and it takes baby steps.

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