A son, a runner, a prom king, an optimist, and so much more… I am Craig Cassey and this is my blog focused on lgbtq involvement in leadership and athletics, as well as my personal view on positivity.

To put it simply, I’m gay – both by the old definition and the new. Often times seen around school smiling, I’m known for my positivity and athleticism. My unwavering optimism has proven to be an essential asset and has helped me overcome injuries and other obstacles in my life, including coming out which was more an opportunity than an obstacle, as well as transition to college life as a first year at Georgetown University.

My involvement spans from running D1 track, to working on the leadership board of the college democrats, and studying Chinese as a minor – all the while continuing my advocacy work as a gay collegiate athlete (and I couldn’t be happier!)

As you get to know me, you will quickly learn that I am a philosophy nut and I can never eat enough carbohydrates – a rather enjoyable side effect of training non-stop. I am also in a passionate relationship with… you guessed it… leadership, which developed during my work with my school and state’s student council. A collection of amazing and talented youth, our state’s association of student council has led me to where I am today and for that I am most thankful.

Perhaps most importantly, I am also a firm believer in humanity. I believe in what we can do, what we can change, and what we will accomplish. I believe that tomorrow can always be a better day if you allow for it and it’s with that mindset that I started writing this blog.

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  • J says:

    You are a really cool kid full of optimism and strength. Keep doing what you are doing and you will be a huge success as an adult.

  • Cornelius says:

    I’m originally from PA and lot’s of my family’s still there. One thing I know is it’s a big state with a lot of variations. Without invading your privacy toooo much can you possibly say what town, county or part of the state you’re in?

    Congratulations for having the bals to do this and I’m happy it’s worked out so well.

    • Craig says:

      Thanks Cornelius and I know what you mean. I’m closer to Philly than any other notable part of PA so we live in a community more liberal than say central PA, as we’re closer to the city, though we still deem it as Conservative.

  • stevecmh says:

    Great interview on MSNBC, Craig! Good luck at Georgetown.

  • Good Day Craig
    I am writing a book called The Law of Balance and in this book I explain the importance of a Gay society in the evolution of Humanity. Without this builtin genetics in controling Mankind population growth it would become exstinct . Yet I do believe that in our Creators Creation there are checks and balances that are implaced within the whole of all that exist to prevent this from happening, thus I believe that the larger our population gets the larger the Gay Society will become to prevent our Earth from over population. I am 70 and my wife and I have 6 childred and 11 grandchildren and many Gay friends. So if you would like me to send you a copy of the Streights vs. Gays from my book I would do so. You stand tall
    Thank You and may you have a great life Norman E. Pelletier 10398 Day Owl Ave. Weeki Wachee Fl. 34613

    • Craig says:

      Thanks for the offer Norman! I will be getting a PO box in the upcoming days so once I get that squared away I will gladly take a copy of your book – it sounds right up my alley! Then again, what book isn’t?

  • Mike White says:

    Hey Craig,
    What a great interview! I found out about it through the crazy world of PASC. One of my former students saw it.
    Enjoy your week as a color group leader this summer. It will be an experience you will not forget. Just get a lot of sleep before you go.

  • Bob says:

    Proud of you. Nice to see our younger generation “spreading their wings” in such a great way. Will be looking forward to your blogs. No I can really say we really do have a leading man for Patricia Nell Warren’s “The Front Runner.” Take Care, Bob

  • orionscoat says:

    Just stumbled upon your page; must say I like your attitude! keep up the good work, all the best

  • Vail says:

    So happy College Dems gets a shoutout on your blog! 🙂

  • david says:

    its world AIDS day.. a day without art.. what did you do today to increase hiv/AIDS awareness, educate others, and remember those gone before?

    ~ cheers…

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